New England Dive
Repair Department Price Sheet
 Computer Battery Change  $20
 Visual Test (every year) $20 + Fill
 Hydro/ Visual Test (every 5 years) $35 + Fill
 Hydro/ Visual Test Before 1990 (every 5 years) Not Eligible for Service
 Nitrox Tanks O2 Cleaned After Hydro +$15
 Breakdown and Re-Assemble Doubles + $15 ea
  *Visuals can usually be done within a couple of days; Hydro may take a week or  two.
 BCD Service on Inflator and Dumps $30 + Parts
 Regulator 1st Stage Service/ Overhaul $30 + Parts
 Regulator 2nd Stage Service/ Overhaul $30 + Parts
 Octopus 2nd Stage Service/ Overhaul $30 + Parts
 Additional O2 Cleaning on Any Stage +$10
 **Service consists of Breakdown, cleaning, setting and adjusting upon
re-assembling. An Overhaul means parts such as filters, diaphragms, seats and
O-rings are being replaced.
 O2 Clean Tank Valve $25.00
 O2 Clean Tank $15.00
 O2 Clean Manifold $60.00
 ***O2 cleaning is a must when using nitrox mixes higher than 40%
 Rebuild & Clean Standard Tank Valve $25 + Parts
 Rebuild & Replace Dry-Suit Neck Seal $100
 Rebuild & Replace Dry-Suit Wrist Seals $100
 Rebuild & Replace Dry-Suit Ankle Seals $100
 ****Dry-suit repairs take 1 -2 weeks. Rush charge available for services call for estimate